Festival of Learning 2021

Festival of Learning 2021

Learning in Action

The second Springfield City Festival of Learning again encompassed over 2 dozen events across the city that showcased and celebrated learning.

The Festival is run by the Learning Coalition.


In 2021 Events included:

  • Dance and Art (including a First Nations Mural Painting)
  • Music – vocal and instrumental categories (including a Concert Band Workshop)
  • Coalition Song – writing and producing a professional song – this year’s theme being safety
  • Maths Team Challenge
  • LEGO Creators Skill Day
  • Science and Engineering activities
  • Literacy & Creative writing
  • Entrepreneurship and Energy Sustainability
  • Sport – (including this year Golf and Soccer)

Click here for the full 2021 Festival of Learning event program.
To view the 2021 Festival Summary Showcase click here


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