Greater Springfield is a learning city

A Learning City

A learning city is an aspiration whereby life-long learning is expected and valued by the whole community; where learning can be seen and felt to flourish; opportunities and choices abound; and curiosity and discovery are championed. Springfield City, by design, has attracted young, upwardly mobile, passionate and family-oriented citizens. Growth will continue at above the average rates experienced elsewhere, as the liveability and access to world-class infrastructure continues to attract.


Learning Coalition

Learning Coalition

The Springfield City learning Coalition subscribes to the maxim “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Founded by Springfield City Group and the 11 school principal’s from Springfield City, this coalition believe that together we can achieve more than by ourselves.

Students of Springfield


Education is the soul of Greater Springfield. The Learning City prides itself in providing world-class education from kindergarten to university to employment, with 11 schools in the Greater Springfield catchment.

See what our current and past Greater Springfield students are up to.

Festival of Learning


The second Greater Springfield Festival of Learning held in 2021 encompassed over 2 dozen events across the city that showcased and celebrated learning.